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Sometimes, homeowners may have problems with their Stanley garage door parts. This may happen because of a malfunction or operating mistake. Whatever it is, the different solutions below will surely help an individual get his garage door running again. The following steps are easy to do and will not take a couple of hours to configure.

Door opener refuses to open or close

If the door refuses to budge after pressing a button from the remote control or switch, check the main power outlet. In some cases, homeowners forget to turn it on after doing a routine inspection in other components of their house, and this will definitely affect the function of their garage door. People who utilize the motor overload protector should wait for about 10 minutes for the system to cool down before attempting to open the garage door again.


Beam sensor

This is one of the most vital Stanley garage door parts because it allows the door to open or close automatically, but some people forget to check this when troubleshooting the device. If the sensor is not properly aligned, the garage door will not function even if the entire system is in good working condition. So get a screwdriver, even it out, and try opening the door again.

Wall button and remote control

There are times when the garage door is not the culprit, but the remote control or wall button. It is probably not working because the old battery died down so just replace it with a new one. If that does not work, then fix the antenna wire located on the opener. Move it until it receives the transmission needed to open or close the garage door. If it refuses to do the command, check the wires of the wall button and make sure that is not shorted or broken in any way. Furthermore, check the manual of the remote control and see if anything else can be done.

Spring and rollers

Garage doors are very heavy, and the spring is one of the things that are able to support its weight because it provides a counter balance. If it refuses to open, the spring may be broken, so replace it accordingly. Meanwhile if the door is stuck, there may be damage in the rollers so it may be better to check it as well. A lot of things can go wrong with Stanley garage door parts, but with a bit of maintaining and learning how to properly troubleshoot it, homeowners will not have problems making it work once again.