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A garage door is a wonderful contraption that enables a person to keep his vehicle safe inside the garage. Sometimes, certain things happen, and this results in having a noisy garage door. This can cause a disturbance, not to mention it is very annoying. Furthermore, having a noisy garage door means something is not right with it, or a malfunction is happening. It may be caused by a loose hardware, worn roller, or some garage door parts may just need lubricating. Whatever it is, below are the things an individual can do to solve this dilemma and to improve the garage door.

Things needed for this activity

  • Screwdriver
  • Ratchet
  • Wrench
  • Stepladder
  • Door lubrication
  • Replacement parts


Tighten the garage door parts- That awful screeching sound may be caused by a loose part. To fix it, tighten the bolts, nuts and everything else by using the ratchet. Be careful not to overdo it though because it may cause more damage than good. This activity will not last more than an hour.


Replace the worn out parts- The tracks, rollers, hinges, and opener chains are the most common parts that are easily worn out. They are the main ones to activate whenever the garage door is opened, and they need to be replaced when they are not functioning properly, or they look battered. Doing so will strengthen the garage door and remove the awful noise it makes.

Lubricate the movable parts- Sometimes the noise coming from the garage door is not caused by a damaged part, but those that are not properly lubricated. To ensure that everything glides smoothly and works as it should, lubricate it at least once a month.

What to look for when buying a garage door opener

One of the most important garage door parts is the opener. Because it is used often, it is also prone to wear and tear, here the top things to look for when buying one.

Drive type- There are three types of system for the opener. The individual can choose which one he wants to utilize to open the garage door; screw, belts, or chains. All of them have their own pros and cons so the house owner should research first.

Speed- Garage door openers vary in speed, this is the time it takes to open or close the door. Of course it is better to get a speed the owner is most comfortable with.

Prices- There is a lot of deals and discounts out there. Sometimes there is a need for more than one opener, especially if the customer has more than one home or garage to fix. If this is the case, consider buying wholesale. This way the retailer will give a good price quote.

Warranty- The longer the warranty, the better so it is a must that the owner should look for a manufacturer or retailer that will be able to provide them this, do not worry because there are different warranty spans out there.

Brand- Some brands tend to be greater than others because of the durability, longevity, and types of garage door parts they release.