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An overhead garage door is one of the most common models used by homeowners for their garage. It replaced the typical swinging garage doors which utilize regular pivots and hinges. Before deciding to have this installed, people should be aware that there are different kinds of overhead garage doors. Function, cost, and the materials used for the different overhead garage door parts and system should be considered first.

Types- Basically, the overhead garage doors have three types; the roll-ups doors, tilt-up units, and sectional units. The first type which is the roll-up consists of small sections making it into one large unit. On the other hand, tilt-up units are made up of a single panel which is lifted using a track or pivot. The last type is a favorite among homeowners; it has 3 or for panels connected by hinges which allows the unit to roll into a larger coil overhead.
Materials- There is a wide array of overhead garage door parts and materials available. One cannot work without the other so if the installer forgot to include a part, it will not work properly. For the materials, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, or wood are the different types available in the market. They are a cinch to install, even beginners could do it, but they must be careful to research first. The different types of materials used also assure homeowners a high level of security for their house because of its durability. Fiberglass is known for its sturdy quality, however people who live in extremely cold places may think twice before using this because it easily suffers from cracks when subjected to a cold environment. For coastal areas, aluminum is the top choice because it can withstand corrosion and rust. In the meantime, wood is the most visually appealing among the materials, but it is not as durable.

Pros- Among the three types of overhead garage doors, the sectional one is the most durable. However, some individuals still prefer the tilt-up units because of the affordable price. For people looking for an overhead garage door which does not take up too much ceiling space, the roll-up unit is the solution.

Cons- Homeowners should be aware that the three types have different overhead garage door parts maintenance requirements. For example, the sectional units need more care and maintenance than the other two. Roll-up overhead garage doors in the meantime have more parts making it a bit difficult to maintain. Finally, the tilt-up unit is not as secure so additional safety and security parts should be added.