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Everyone knows how vital garage doors are, but few realize the importance of changing its opener after several years of owning one. Even if an individual does not see any signs of wear in the garage door opener, he is not entirely sure if it is still working fine or if it is close to its breaking point. With that in mind, below are the top reasons why homeowners are strongly advised to replace their garage door opener parts.

Security reasons

Before, garage doors use a fixed code system. It means a single code is utilized for every door. Because of this, anyone with the right duplicating device and technological know-how will be able to access the garage door and open it to their hearts content. Meanwhile, newer garage doors feature a rolling code system wherein the code of the garage door opener frequently changes each time it is utilized. This will prevent anyone from copying it and going inside the garage and into the house. For this reason, the house owner should take the necessary measures and upgrade the garage door opener parts and system. This will make their family safe at night.


Improve noise controls

Older models of garage door typically use a chain drive system to open it. This is very noisy and a dragging sound is commonly heard. There are other drives out there that have better function and price, like the belt drive or the screw drive so this can be used instead. The following will prevent the neighbors from being annoyed because it operates smoothly compared to the chain drive.

Say goodbye to keys

It is very annoying to get out of the car in the middle of a strong rain shower or snow only to open the garage door manually. This is a common scenario with previous models. Today, individuals can employ remote controls to open their garage door. It is efficient, and they do not have to make the extra effort. Homeowners can also consider the finger printing system to open their garage door. This is beneficial to people who often misplace their keys or remotes. Furthermore, they do not have to memorize any codes, or utilize any other materials to make it work. This is a good reason why the garage door opener parts and unit should be changed.

Stay safe with the safety reversal

Revised safety regulations state that every newly manufactured garage door should have a safety reversal feature; this will prevent the door from crushing anyone in its way. Basically, there two ways to activate this feature, the first one involves contact wherein it will touch any object, then reverse its movement. The second feature comes in the form of non-contact, meaning it will automatically sense if any person will pass through the door making the movement stop. This is very handy to have especially if there are pets or children in the household. This way, the parents or caretakers will be assured that no harm will befall their kids in the garage.

Backup Battery

The older version of garage door openers are quite scary in the sense that homeowners will not be able to open it in case there is a blackout caused by storms or any other incidents. Previous Garage door opener parts are not as highly advanced as today, and it solely relies on the main power to function. Thankfully, this issue was fixed. Newer models now employ backup battery systems which allows the homeowners to open or close the door should they wish to even if there is a power outage. This means that they will be able to escape easily in case there are any scenarios where they have to get out of the house like the fire.

Those are the main reasons why an individual should consider getting his garage door opener parts and system replaced. Next, seeing that there can be a security breech in the garage, listed below are some helpful tips in order to prevent break-ins.
Use a keychain for the remote- No matter how careful a person is; sometimes he will still lose his garage door opener remote. It can also get stolen without his knowledge and this will allow the thief or murderer to get inside the garage and access the whole house. To prevent this from happening, a person can easily utilize a keychain. It is safe, cheap and handy.

Secure the door from the garage leading inside the house- As discussed earlier, the rolling code system is a good feature that every homeowners should have. However, it is still highly advisable to secure the door leading to the house. A person can never be too careful, and this is one of the greatest ways to thwart off thieves and serial killers.
Close the garage door- The garage door was installed for a reason, and that is not only to ensure that the car is safe, but the people inside the house too. Even if the door is filled with advanced locking mechanisms, it will not work if the individual fails to close it properly.

Do not forget to maintain the door- Garage door opener parts are very sturdy, especially if the brand and make is the best. However, it can still be worn out because homeowners use it each day, including weekends when couples go out for a ride out of town. The garage is the part of the house that is commonly utilized, so the door should be taken care of properly. Inspect every part, and make sure that not a single one is left out. Replace damaged or battered garage door opener parts so the cost of repair will not be too expensive. Changing the whole door because of the failure to maintain it will break the bank. This will never happen if it was fixed to begin with. Next lubricate all the moving parts and do this once or twice a month. Finally, ensure that all parts used are made by the best.