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Replacing a Craftsman garage door may seem daunting at first, but it is very simple if the homeowner is familiar with its parts and uses. Unbeknownst to many people, Craftsman is actually manufactured by Chamberlain, one of the leading makers of high quality door openers. That is why people who purchase Craftsman garage door opener parts can rely on its efficiency. However, wear and tear may affect the garage door, and because of that the homeowner will be prompted to repair it. Here are the parts the individual should learn about before buying one.

Springs- These are the counter balance and helps in opening or closing the garage door. They are often made with galvanized or oil tempered steel. The former is not really recommended by experts because it easily loses its tension. Oil tempered steel are always better, the only downside is that rust can develop. However, different practices can be done in order to prevent it; the most popular is dipping the spring in oil once or twice a week. Remember that a durable spring can lessen the strain that can be placed on other Craftsman garage door opener parts.


Rollers- Topnotch rollers will assist in the smooth and effortless operation of the garage door because it prevents dragging or excessive friction. Bearings in the rollers that are worn out will strain the whole system because of the dragging effect it produces. Homeowners will know if the bearing is worn out because they will hear an unusual clacking sound. Individuals will also notice that other Craftsman garage door opener parts will have problems moving up and down. Because of this, they will have a hard time opening or closing the garage door manually. Common types of rollers include the black nylon ones and steel rollers. The former is cheaper, but will not last for more than a couple of years. In the meantime, the steel ones are durable, but can become noisy as time passes by. That is why individuals should learn how to maintain their garage doors properly in order to prevent this.

Cables- Basically, there are three common types of cable; torsion, extension, and safety cables. They come in different sizes, thickness and widths. Torsion cables are very strong while the extension is flexible. Meanwhile, safety cables restrain the extension spring if ever it is damaged. For this reason, it is important to utilize this type of cable if the extension spring is present.

Hinges- This the part that holds the garage door together so it is prone to cracks, for this reason it should be inspected regularly. Make sure to get the correct hinge because not doing so will result in gaps along the garage door. Over time, the Craftsman garage door opener parts and unit will become damaged and cease to function.

Drums- These are made from cast aluminum and appear like a wheel where the cable is wrapped around. The heavier the garage door is, the wider and thicker the drum should be because this will help the door function perfectly. Furthermore, this is one of the parts that will determine if the opening or closing of the door is quiet and will not disturb other people in the neighborhood.

Bracket- This is the spring anchor plate and can be seen on the top part of the garage door mounted to the header. Several options are available, but all of them have the same purpose, they only different in benefits and durability. To get the correct one that will support the Craftsman garage door opener parts, it would be better to ask the dealer or research thoroughly.

How to troubleshoot Craftsman garage door opener parts

Now that the individual is more familiar with different parts of a garage door, it is time to learn how to properly fix it when it doesn’t function the way it is supposed to. This will save the homeowner money because having it fixed by professionals can be a bit pricey.

  1. The first step is the inspection of the track. This is the channel or guide where the rollers are placed. Using a cloth or brush, remove any dirt seen. Next, lubricate the following parts. Synthetic motor oils are better than grease because the latter will gum up the wheels and track resulting from the collected debris.
  2. The cable should be the next focus. Inspect for any signs of cracks and break caused by excessive wear. Sometimes the cables can become slack because other Craftsman garage door opener parts are loose. If this is the case, tighten it to correct the problem. Next are the hinges, like the track this should be lubricated properly. Use the same oil to make it move smoothly.
  3. Check for misalignment and signs of wear in the spring. If it is not functioning well, it may be best to replace it with another one. Then, inspect the drive; do not forget to lubricate the ones that use screw and chains. Belt drives are easily worn out, and there are some instances where it is cut down because it is not as durable as the other two. Replace them immediately so it will not hinder the proper function of the garage door.
  4. Sensors are a great safety feature because it will prevent a person from being accidentally crushed under the garage door as it is closing. This is especially helpful if there are small children, persons with disability like the blind and even pets in the house. To ensure that it is still running correctly, test it out by using the following techniques. Get an obstruction and place it under the door. The sensor should be able to detect this object and stop closing down. The movement should be reversed. Test it a couple of times to make sure that it is not a one-time occurrence and is totally safe. To maintain it, wipe it from any visible dirt, the individual should make sure that it is correctly aligned so it can detect the movement successfully to avoid any accidents.