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Different garage doors parts are used to make the garage door function as it should. Some people do not entirely get the whole process, and this is needed when changing or fixing a certain part because it will make the job easier if the homeowner is aware about it. Below are some of the top queries that individuals have regarding garage doors.

What are the springs found in the garage door?

The garage door may utilize any of the following springs:

Tension spring- This type winds up as the garage door goes down or closes. It is called as such because it has tremendous tension in the spring.

Extension spring- This is placed on both sides of the garage door wall. Extension springs can lift the weight of the garage door. This makes it one of the most vital garage doors parts there is.


What are the parts that hold the door together?

The hinges and brackets do this job. Damaged or worn out ones needs to be replaced because not only will the garage door stop functioning properly, it may also become dangerous because it can suddenly fall down without warning.

What makes the garage door move up and down?

The rollers as well as the tracks found on the garage door are what make it move the way it should. The rollers are connected and contained within the tracks so one cannot function completely without the help of the other. There are two types of track; the horizontal and vertical ones. The horizontal runs across the ceiling, while the other one run on the side of the garage wall. In order to keep them functioning, they must be cleaned and lubricated well with the proper oil.

How does the safety reverse mechanism work?

The safety reverse was installed because manufacturers are mandated to include one in every garage door. It prevents the door from suddenly going down, crushing a person in the process. Different sensors are located in the door and it is used to detect any movement effectively reversing its motion.

How to maintain garage doors parts?

This is fairly simple and should be done at least once a month. Hinges, brackets, rollers, and any other movable parts should be lubricated properly in order to prevent untoward friction that will damage it or contribute to the noise. Furthermore, any part that needs replacing should be changed as needed.