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Taking Care Of Your Genie Garage Door Opener

The Genie garage door opener parts and system enables the homeowner to open or close the garage door without needing to get out of their vehicle. This is highly advantageous when it is snowing or it is raining hard. It is essential to keep the Genie garage door opener well maintained to ensure its longevity and ease of use. The good news is, maintaining the garage door is very simple and it will not take several hours to do so. There are just a few things the homeowner should follow in order to take care of it properly.

Steps to follow when maintaining the garage door opener:

Inspection- A broken or worn out garage door may also damage the Genie garage door opener parts. To ensure the springs are not broken, the homeowner should do a thorough inspection. If he discovers that it is indeed damaged, then he should replace it or at least hire professionals to fix it for him. This should be done immediately to prevent more damage that will make the cost higher. The rollers and hinges are also very important so check if it is still working as it should. When needed, spray some lubricants to make it glide smoothly. The door tracks should be adjusted if it is not positioned correctly.
Check the auto reverse safety- Garage doors are very high tech; they have a safety feature that ensures the door will not close if an obstruction is detected. Genie garage door opener parts are great because they have a safety feature that can be activated upon contact or even without it.

To check if it is working correctly, put a large board under the garage door. Then, using the wall switch or the remote control, close the door. The garage door should stop and then open up again as it comes in contact with the large board. If it does not work make sure to check the manual on how to adjust or regulate the sensitivity of the system.

The homeowner can do the same procedure for the non-contact feature, except this time, he should obstruct the sensitivity beam or the electronic eyes of the system. If the reverse safety is operating correctly then it will not close no matter how many times the individual tries to open or close the garage door. This test can also be done by rolling a ball that will obstruct the beam. The door should immediately stop and reverse as this is done.

Lubrication- To maintain the Genie garage door opener parts, lubrication should be done to all the movable areas. This way, it will glide effortlessly, and no disturbing noise can be heard. The other parts should also be tightened properly. Lubricating the parts should be performed at least once a month.

Adjustment- Check if everything is positioned or leveled correctly as it will affect the performance of the garage door. The connection, screws, and bolts should be free from any obstruction. If it is not then adjust it so it can move properly.