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Garage doors are needed to safeguard the vehicle of the homeowner as well as the other contents of his garage. For this reason, the door should be installed correctly. Garage doors are usually made of steel, wood, or aluminum. A typical installation procedure can last for 4 to 5 hours, so it is essential to follow the guidelines below in order to properly put it up. Not doing so will result in delays or doing the whole process again. Aside from that, garage door parts are a bit tricky to install, so read carefully.

Materials needed for this procedure

  • Garage door- This should be large enough to allow the vehicle to pass through. With this in mind, it is important to consider the type of vehicle the person is using.
  • Ladder
  • Nut driver and screw driver
  • Drilling machine
  • Screws
  • Weatherstripping
  • Installation manual
  • Other garage door parts


Installation procedure

Using the weatherstripping, carefully seal of the underside of the first panel, then attach the nails while making sure that the door is positioned in the correct angle. The home owner can also refer to the installation manual to see the correct diagram of the procedure and gather the parts included.

Afterwards, attach the rollers and brackets to the first section of the door. Make sure the vertical tracks are fixed on the roller in that particular section of the garage door. For the remaining three sections, the same procedure should be followed.

For the third step, make sure the garage door is correctly leveled, the screws should also be securely attached and in the right position. The jamb brackets are then attached along with the tracks and the framing members. Adjust the tracks, and then tighten the lag screw.

The fourth step involves bolting the horizontal and curved tracks together. Carefully inspect the level of the horizontal track; the individual should also cut its rear hanger. After the cutting procedure, carefully fix this track to a blocking, and then mount it on. For the second horizontal track, the same procedure can be followed.

Place the door in its proper position and check if the track is correctly aligned. If the homeowner did not plan for the installation, it may be better to install a torque tube instead, because opening the door with this is easier. For the final step, the individual should inspect the door and see to it that it is functioning correctly.

Installing a garage door can be quite challenging, nevertheless it gives the owner satisfaction and assurance that his vehicles can stay safe. A lot of people have a hard time installing it because some of the garage door parts are a bit complicated to handle, and the door itself is large and heavy. However, learning how to do it may save the homeowner more money because he will not pay professionals to do it for him. Aside from that, he will gain a new knowledge or skill that he can pass down to other people, like his children or friends. When installing a garage door, an individual should be careful; it is highly recommended that no pets or kids are around while doing it. To ensure that it is properly maintained, inspect it at least once a month, and do lubricate movable parts to make it function smoothly.