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Before repairing the garage door, the homeowners should get to know the garage door repair parts first to be able to understand how it works and why every one of them is essential. Below are the different parts and its description.

Cables- This is the one of the garage door repair parts that permits the spring to lift the door. If the cable is worn out or damaged, it will cease to function or it will not do the job it is made for which makes it very hazardous to the homeowners. If the individual is not sure about his ability to fix the cable, he should not attempt to do so because the whole garage door can collapse on top of him.

Springs- This part is prone to breakage because it is utilized to provide counter balance to the garage door. If the spring is damaged, the door will not go up so it is important to change this immediately when signs of wear are seen. Like the cables, this part is very dangerous to fix alone so it is better to call the technician who will handle it.


Rollers- Having a worn roller will make the garage door noisy and irritating. Furthermore, it will not glide effortlessly like it used to. Rollers are made with plastic, nylon, or steel and each of them have their own pros and cons, though some people prefer the nylon type because among the three, it is the one that produces the less noise.

Tracks- This next garage door repair parts allows the roller to do its job because it serves as its container. Tracks that are bent or cracked should be replaced because the roller will not function and the homeowner will not be able to use the garage door.

Hinges- It makes sure that the sections are firmly held together. The hinges should always be lubricated because it will reduce the friction making it last more. Different lubricating oils and sprays can be used for this.

Opener- Majority of the weight of the garage door is supported or lifted by the opener. An individual can state that it is one of the most crucial parts that make the garage door work so it should be maintained regularly. Aside from that, if the other parts are damaged, the opener will have to work double time, and this will make it wear out faster so it is important to take care of them all.