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People are easily frustrated when their garage door opener refuses to close. The great news is if the individual happens to own the Liftmaster garage door opener parts, he will not have any difficulties fixing it himself. This can be done by non-experts so they do not have to spend their money on repair services. If the problem they encounter involves the garage door opening perfectly, but have trouble closing and the remote is no help at all, they can always follow the steps included here.

One of the main reasons why the garage door would not close is because of the Protector System that Liftmaster utilizes. A couple of years back, manufacturers were required to include safety sensors on garage doors so it will not accidentally crush a child, a pet, or any other person. This protector system functions by projecting a light beam that is not visible to the eye. It goes to the opening of the garage door and automatically opens it when it senses that someone or something is trying to walk across its path. Some people assume that this sensor is not to blame; instead they focus their attention to other Liftmaster garage door opener parts. However, this is the common culprit that they discover when experts check why it is broken.


How To Properly Adjust The Sensors:

The sensors should be correctly aligned in order to work properly. The individual should know that there is a sender and receiver part and both should be leveled correctly to activate.

To adjust the sensor, the opener should be plugged in first. If the alignment is right, the sender and receiver will glow steadily, so observe it. What most people do not know is the sender mechanism glows regardless of the alignment, so it is the receiving part that should be watched out for. Not seeing any color, or any flickering and dimness is an indicator that alignment is needed.

To fix this, loosen the sending mechanism and readjust accordingly. Secure it in place afterwards. Do the same step for the receiving mechanism and make sure that it will be able to receive the beam of the other mechanism. Check if the glow is present, if it is not then readjust some more. Lock it in its proper position.

Unlike other brands out there, the Liftmaster garage door opener parts are easier to repair, doing the steps above will have the door working in no time, so get to it.