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Adjusting Clopay Garage Doors

Garage doors are heavy and placed under great tension making it very dangerous when broken. Individuals who find themselves with damaged Clopay garage door parts or unit should learn how to adjust it themselves, or at least know who the right people they should call. People under tight budget or those who want to broaden their skills should read below in order to learn a thing or two about adjusting garage doors.

Materials needed for this activity

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber Mallet

Directions for adjusting Clopay garage door parts

Close the garage door prior to this activity to prevent any accidents. Check if there are any dents, crimps, or flat spots on the metal tracks. Using the rubber mallet, remove any minor damage. Those that look really worn out should be replaced immediately. Do a visual inspection on the mounting brackets which holds the tracks in its place. Sometimes it can loosen so use the screwdriver to tighten any bolts.


To see if the track is aligned, use a level. If it is not correctly aligned, the screws or mounting brackets should be loosened, but make sure that it is not totally removed from its position. Get the rubber mallet and use it to tap the tracks in its proper place. Before securing the screws and bolts once again, use the level to check if it is now correctly aligned.

The tracks and rollers should be cleaned according to the recommendation of the manufacturer. Afterwards dry it completely using a cloth. Then, lubricate the movable parts such as the pulleys, rollers, including the track and hinges. Oil or any other lubricating spray can be utilized.

Next, focus on the hinges. Get rid of the sagging by tightening its screws and bolts. Do not forget to look for any signs of damage. Sometimes the holes where the screws are placed become enlarged so replace the screw with a bigger one to make it fit.

Inspect the springs, if there are signs of breakage, it may be better to let the repair man fix it because this type Clopay garage door parts is more dangerous than others.

Finally, test the function of the electric door eyes. If it is not aligned properly, it will result in the disabling of the opener causing major inconvenience to the homeowner.
These are the proper steps an individual needs to take in order to adjust his garage door parts. Knowing about the following can save him money in the future.